The main objectives of the SI-PASS action are to

  • build a production ready Slovenian eIDAS node (SI-PEPS) that is compliant with the latest version of the eIDAS technical specifications and
  • enable attributes to be associated with electronic identities for cross-border use through the eIDAS node in four existing public and one private cross-border e-services, and
  • integrate those e-services with the eIDAS node.

The services belong to the eHealth, intellectual property systems, e-Pension, public legal records, and business transactions domains.

As part of the eIDAS node development, the action will also integrate the node to the Slovenian SI-PASS platform consisting of the SI-CAS (Slovenian central authentication system) and SI-CeS (Central eSignature system) systems. SI-CAS is an existing Slovenian central service for identity verification, while SI-CeS implements server-based electronic signatures.

The services integration will allow the Slovenian service providers to accept eIDs issued from any Member State and enable cross-border transactions compliant with the eIDAS Regulation. Regarding specifically eSignature, the action will enable the mutual recognition and cross-border interoperability of e-signatures by the public and private sector entities relying on the central server based system for e-signature SI-CeS.